About us

We like to define Cook_inc. – International food magazine as a workshop of experimentation and avant-garde thinking related to good food, fine dining and art from all over the world. The magazine, launched in 2011 by Vandenberg Edizioni, aims at baiting the readers with life portraits of the key players of contemporary gastronomy, but also with journeys between history, culture and tradition of unique food regions, and with photographic tales of the culinary artisans. A winning combo, made possible by the commitment and talent of our international crew of journalists and photographers. Young graphic designers from Lucca give the finishing touch, merging together this melting pot of food, creativity and research. 

What’s hidden in the name?

Cook_inc(orporate); Cook_inc(lusive).

This name is the recap of our vision, of the way we intend the world of gastronomy: a meeting point between new and old trends, where tradition is the key role in progress. Every issue examines countries, cultures, customs and habits. We look for restaurants that are renowned but still original, for emerging chefs, producers and whatever may appear exciting in the current food scene.

Let us introduce you to our editor

“Good food must be within everyone’s means. I love diversity, each one of us is unique. This is why I want the magazine to involve a variety of chefs, cuisines, journalists, photographers and artists. I like to think that through Cook_inc. we can spread great stories all around the world.”

Anna Laura Morelli is a multiethnic explosive mixture. As true globetrotter, born in Brussels of a Peruvian mother and Italian father, she then grew up between Madrid, Barcelona, London, Brussels and Miami. The most recent stopping point, though, is the Italian city of Lucca, where she settled down with her Dutch husband and their three daughters. Her relationship with the world of gastronomy began when she was just a little girl, and her father used to take her out to the best restaurants when travelling. This memory, combined with her passion for photography and art led her to today’s project, Cook_inc, that can be described as a Manifesto of food creativity.